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Purchase a PAP device from any of our stores to gain access to an exclusive membership to RECLAIMsleep Programme. Becoming a member means you can focus on your PAP therapy and on reclaiming your sleep. We will take care of the rest.

Continual Therapy Support

As a member, all your follow-up consultations with us are free of charge. We will contact you to come back for a review of your therapy routinely, assessing and optimising your treatment and making sure your equipment are working well. This includes but is not limited to pressure checks and calibration on your device, data downloads and regular reports to your doctor for holistic care, making changes to your therapy where needed, all to ensure you will continue sleeping well.

Free Rental on Loan Device

As your PAP device is a medical equipment that is used every night, there are times it might require servicing or repairs. In addition to helping you arrange for your repairs or servicing, we will also loan you a device at no rental fees until you get your device back. This ensures you don’t ever have to go without quality sleep even when your device needs some TLC.

Member Exclusive Deals

We want you to have only the best; from the best therapy and service to the best quality sleep, and even the best member deals. To reward you for being a member and to encourage you to stay on track with your therapy, we have exclusive member offers from time to time that is available only to you. This includes discounts on consumables and accessories so you can ensure you are getting the best out of your therapy.

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