Treatment Programmes

Our treatment programmes

We take a holistic approach to our therapy to prepare our patients for long-term success. Our treatment programmes are designed to help you sleep better, eat better and feel better.

Designed for patients where indicated as a first-line therapy or when CPAP therapy is not viable, our Sleep Dental Programme has been developed by dental practitioners. It includes a comprehensive pre-assessment and for suitable patients – a trial of a custom made dental sleep appliance with an in-built compliance tracker, evaluation of treatment efficacy, and follow ups.

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For patients who may not require CPAP therapy as their Sleep Apnoea events occur mainly when sleeping in the supine position. Positional therapy helps keep these patients off their backs thereby reducing or minimizing their apnoeas and snoring levels throughout the night.

The perfect introduction to sleep apnoea and CPAP therapy for patients newly diagnosed with sleep apnoea. This programme includes a comprehensive education, general assessment of sleep hygiene, general assessment of diet & weight management, a trial of therapy, data analysis and evaluation of treatment efficacy with options to other treatment modalities. Sessions are led by our experienced consultants who take a lifestyle approach to prepare patients for long term success.

For individuals who suffer from ongoing sleep issues despite practising good sleep hygiene. This programme offers comprehensive sleep management with regular monitoring, recommendations and support by an experienced sleep coach. Also includes assessments with Actigraphy and interventions such as sleep rescheduling to correct sleep patterns.

The support and continual management of therapy for existing CPAP users. This programme is designed to achieve improved therapy control and maximize sleep health outcomes. Sessions are led by our experienced consultants and incorporate data analysis, pressure calibration, sleep hygiene advice and equipment maintenance.

For patients with sleep apnoea, nutritional deficiency, and metabolic syndrome. This programme is designed by dietitians and nutritionists who offer a range of individualised weight loss programmes and solutions to treat nutrient deficiency.

We are located across Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria to give you convenient access to our services. Sleep well now, ask us how.

How does a CPAP Trial work?

  • If your doctor recommends CPAP therapy for you, please contact us to make an appointment
  • On the day of your 1st appointment, bring along your script and report from the doctor
  • During this session, we will tell you more about Sleep Apnoea and how CPAP therapy will help you
  • Based on your script, we will place you on a device with the recommended pressure settings
  • We will then work with you to find a mask you’re comfortable with
  • Go home with the device and start using it right away
  • Shower and dress in loose, comfortable clothing which you can go to bed in
  • Remove acrylic nails or dark coloured nail polish on your hands if applicable
  • Shave or trim your facial beard (if it is potentially in the way of electrodes being adhered)
  • After you have completed the set-up, you can go about your normal routine and wait for the call from our Sleep Technician
  • The Sleep Technician will check through your set-up to ensure the Sleep Study has been set up accurately
  • You may walk around the house with the device, but please do not leave the house
  • Go to bed as per your usual routine, and sleep overnight with the device
  • Complete the form provided to you when you wake up, remove all associated parts from your body
  • Return the device so we can extract the data for our Sle

CPAP Therapy

Ongoing therapy follow-ups are very important and are a part of our service model. We want to ensure each of our patients will continue to persist with therapy. If patients do not comply with therapy, all the symptoms that were present before will return.

What happens at each follow-up session?

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