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CLM Sleep Co. is committed to positively impact families in our community and empower them by addressing the prevalent issue of poor sleep and its adverse effects on overall health within our community. By organising and participating in a series of activities, workshops and educational health promotion programs, we seek to raise awareness about the significance of healthy sleep habits and provide practical tools and strategies to improve sleep quality for all members of our community. Through this comprehensive approach, we aim to enhance overall health and wellbeing while fostering a stronger and more rested community.


Raise awareness about the importance of sleep in maintaining overall health and wellbeing.

Educate the community about common sleep disorders and their potential impact on physical and mental health.

Provide resources and techniques to promote restful and restorative sleep for individuals of all ages.

Foster a supportive community environment that prioritizes healthy sleep habits.

To achieve our objectives, we organize presentations to community groups, sharing valuable knowledge on sleep hygiene, the consequences of poor sleep, and how to identify sleep-related problems. Our programs and educational materials are carefully developed and implemented to promote healthier lifestyle behaviours and establish strong support networks within communities and individuals. By our collaboration with stakeholders, we ensure our programs are highly relevant, fun, and engaging experiences for everyone involved.

The Little Heroes Foundation

We have also partnered with The Little Heroes Foundation, a dedicated organisation focused on making a profound difference in the lives of children and families affected by childhood dementia. Through their work, they seek to raise awareness about childhood dementia, as it remains relatively rare and often misunderstood. By spreading knowledge and information, they hope to foster empathy and understanding within the broader community. By actively supporting The Little Heroes Foundation via fundraising activities, we hope to bring about positive change in the community.

By fostering a supportive environment and educated community, we believe our activities will lead to lasting improvements in the wellbeing of our community, helping them lead happier and healthier lives. Through continued collaboration and outreach, we aspire to inspire positive changes for generations to come.

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