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If you are a Medical Practitioner and would like to refer your patients to us, you’re on the right page. We would like to collaborate with you and offer our Sleep Apnoea services to your patients. It is important to raise the public awareness of Sleep Apnoea and the dangers of being untreated. Which is why we are fully committed to achieving the best patient outcome for sufferers by providing quality diagnosis and continuing support to patients on therapy.

In order to ensure Medical Practitioners and Respiratory and Sleep Physicians are always updated on a patient’s progress with therapy, we have feedback protocols in place. We are always keen to work with Medical Practitioners who share the same passion for the field of Sleep Apnoea and helping patients sleep better.

How it will work.

To refer a patient

You will need to sign off the Referral Form and send it to us or Sign up to our platform and submit your referral.

We will send the Referral for approval by Respiratory & Sleep Physician to proceed

Once approved, we will organise to set up the patient at home or at the hospital for the sleep study

After we have completed the Sleep Study

The Sleep Scorer will score the data and send it to the Physician for reporting.

We will send you the completed report with the recommendations for the patient

We will inform patients to make an appointment with you for a review of the report

Sign up free to our platform.

Enter your email address and free sign up to our platform to submit and manage your referral.

Why choose CLM Sleep?

Polysomnography (PSG) Sleep Studies – both Hospital and Home-based to suit patients’ needs. We send trained technicians to patients’ homes (location-dependent) to set them up in their home for accuracy

Fast turnaround on reports – available within 10 business days, but urgent cases can be accommodated. Severe cases will be flagged to you and treatment will be arranged for your patient as soon as possible.

Our Scorers are all local and BRPT-registered with ongoing Q-Sleep Accreditation, with over 15 years of experience. We also work closely with a panel of local Respiratory & Sleep Physicians who are renowned and very experienced in their field.

Patients who require CPAP therapy will undergo a trial before they buy. We want to assess suitability and fit to ensure therapy will be effective before purchase. If your patients are not suited for CPAP therapy, we will also recommend other treatment options.

You will always receive your patients’ therapy progress throughout their course of therapy. This ensures you are well-informed to manage your patient’s conditions holistically.

What we will support you with.

Information on Obstructive Sleep Apnoea for your patients – brochures

Referral Forms – paper copy and soft copy

Online Dashboard to track the progress of your referrals. Sign up for free now.

Invitation to seminars on sleep

We look forward to hearing from you.

If you’d like to find out more about our Sleep Studies or how to refer to us, please call our CLM Study Head Office for a chat.

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