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[NEW RELEASE 2024] Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle+ (PLUS) Auto CPAP w 3 years Extended Care Warranty Card

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The new F&P SleepStyle+ (PLUS) is here!

With even more features incorporated into this new, compact and high-performing Auto CPAP machine, you’re a step closer to achieving a great night’s sleep. Auto Start/Stop, oxygen compatibility and an air filter with finger tabs, F&P Healthcare has every detail considered when it comes to managing your sleep apnea / sleep apnoea. Watch the video.

Style + Simplicity = the new SleepStyle+ (PLUS)

Simple to set up and start, this stylish and compact Auto CPAP machine is made in New Zealand and comes complete with a comprehensive range of comfort options.

F&P SleepStyle+ introduces new features:

Continuous improvement drives all that we do at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, which is why we have
enhanced the F&P SleepStyleTM to help optimise patient care for those with obstructive sleep apnea.

The F&P SleepStyle+ combines refined design functionality with advanced technology to support
patients with their positive airway pressure (PAP) treatment.

To reduce therapy complexities for users, SleepStyle+ has a large, forward-facing power button to
simplify usability and menu navigation, as well as to control Auto Start/Stop.

Oxygen-compatible SleepStyle+ features ThermoSmartTM – our world-class humidification system to
keep heated and humidified air at a comfortable level throughout the night. There is also a responsive
ramp, SensAwakeTM, that detects wakefulness and automatically decreases the pressure to a
comfortable level, and then ramps up when your patient settles back to sleep. Expiratory relief is a
technology that helps breathing feel natural by decreasing the pressure when the patient exhales and
increasing the pressure as they inhale.

New features include:

  • Oxygen compatibility – if your patient needs more than just PAP therapy, SleepStyle+ can be
    used with oxygen.
  • Auto Start/Stop technology – therapy starts when a patient puts on their mask and breathes in. To
    stop, the patient simply removes the mask.
  • An improved water chamber with an over-moulded watertight silicone seal that is easily accessible
    for filling and cleaning.
  • An optional ultra-fine filter that is 99% effective in removing particles as small as 0.5 – 0.7
    microns, including dust mites, pet dander and pollen.
  • In addition, F&P InfoSmartTM, coupled with the F&P SleepStyle App, will help you and your patient
    gain instant access to sleep data and the ability to track PAP therapy progress.


Ready. Set. Sleep… F&P SleepStyle+.

Read more about this product from out blog post July 2024: Introducing the latest F&P SleepStyle+

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