Lowenstein Prisma 20A APAP Therapy Set with Prisma AQUA plus Heated Tube plus Modem for Prisma CLOUD

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Lowenstein Prisma 20A: Unmatched Comfort & Precision

Discover ultimate comfort with precise therapy using Lowenstein Prisma 20A:

  • Tailored pressure (4-20hPa) for effective treatment.
  • Accurate apnea distinction: central vs. obstructive.
  • Flexible modes and pressure relief.
  • Superior comfort features: gentle start, heated tube.
  • Comprehensive data: 14-day high-res tracking, up to 365-day stats.
  • Durable build for longevity.
  • Optional modem for expanded connectivity.

Elevate sleep therapy with Lowenstein Prisma 20A.


    • prismaAQUA: A humidifier designed to help patients experiencing dry upper airways or cold respiratory air during treatment.
    • prismaBAG: A high-quality and compact carrying bag, tailored to fit the shape of the prismaLINE devices perfectly, making it easy to handle even when filled with the device, tube system, and humidifier.

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