Comfortable alternative for snoring sleep apnoea treatment | 9 News Australia

As seen on Channel 9 News Australia, here their video of the latest finding on Oral Sleep Appliance – Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS)

CLM Sleep Co. in Adelaide, South Australia, is offering a comfortable alternative for treating snoring and sleep apnea with their mandibular advancement splint (MAS). This oral sleep appliance program provides a convenient and effective solution for individuals struggling with these sleep-related issues.

If you’re interested in learning more about this treatment option or accessing CLM Sleep Co.’s services, you can reach out to their locations in Kent Town, Walkerville, Morphett Vale, Mawson Lakes, or Hove. Their team can provide you with further information, assistance, and guidance on how to proceed with obtaining the mandibular advancement splint and improving your sleep quality.

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Here is a short video of our Oral Sleep Appliance Program

If you are considering this treatment option, you can reach out to us here.

CLM Sleep Co. Kent Town, Adelaide
57 Fullarton Road
Kent Town SA 5067
T: 08 8331 9878 F: 08 8331 7723

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CLM Sleep Co. Walkerville, Adelaide
Shop 4/80 Walkerville Terrace
Walkerville SA 5081
T: 08 8344 6667 F: 08 8344 6669

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CLM Sleep Co. Morphett Vale, Adelaide
189 Main South Road
Morphett Vale SA 5162
T: 08 8186 2781 F: 08 8219 9995

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CLM Sleep Co. Mawson Lakes, Adelaide
Northern Specialists Suites
HMH Towers, Level 1,  42-48 Garden Terrace
Mawson Lakes SA 5095
T: 08 8166 0810 F: 08 8102 0925

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CLM Sleep Co. Hove, Adelaide
South Australian Medical Specialists
379 Brighton Road
Hove SA 5048
T: 08 8102 0923 F: 08 8102 0925

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