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Welcome to CLM Sleep Co, we provide sleep apnoea diagnosis and CPAP therapy services in Adelaide, South Australia, Perth, Western Australia, Darwin, Northern Territory and Queensland.

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CLM Sleep Co. is dedicated to serving the community with the highest standards of service and care. Our Sleep Apnoea Consultants are carefully selected and trained to comply with best practice industry standards in delivering Sleep Apnoea Diagnostic and Therapy services. We work with some of the best respiratory physicians in Australia and most importantly CLM Sleep Co. ... Read more about us
CLM Sleep Co. provides full circle 360° care for patients requiring help with their sleep. With the addition of our Hospital Sleep Unit at the North Eastern Community Hospital, we are able to diagnose and treat a range of Sleep Disorders like Snoring, Insomnia, Narcolepsy, and Sleep Apnoea. We are also able to provide Home Based Sleep Studies for patients who are suspected with Sleep Apnoea, this service is convenient and simple. Unlike other providers who expects you to set up the test kit on your own, we have technicians that travel to your home to conduct the set up. This provides accurate results as you will be set up by a professional and not having to do it yourself which often results in the incorrect placements of wires that are crucial in picking up your sleep signals. To complete our patient centric model, your care is then followed through with a suitable therapy recommended by a Sleep Physician through one of our many outlets in the metro and regional areas. CLM Sleep Co. is all about care and making help with your sleep easy and available... "Sleep Well Now, Ask Us How"