The new CPAP device designed for you

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The new CPAP device designed for you

The NEW SleepStyle™ by Fisher & Paykel – pre-order at 20% off*

After years of research and product development, along with years of real patient testing, the NEW SleepStyle™ is finally ready. Designed to strike a balance between comfort and effective treatment, the new SleepStyle™ is built around real patients’ needs. It features a world-class auto algorithm with central apnoeas detection as well as a full range of innovative comfort options.

Easy to use

This has been designed with the user in mind, and the large and responsive buttons make it easy to do what you need without fiddling in the dark. The menu has also been designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

Easy to clean

The water chamber for the humidifier has been re-designed from ICON+ to be removable from the machine. Pop 2 fingers in to grip the water chamber and pull it out for easy cleaning. If water happens to get into the machine under the chamber, don’t worry – the machine is designed to let the excess water inside the machine seep out from under it to prevent damage to the humidifier heating plate.

Condensation no longer an issue – especially in winter

The ThermoSmart™ humidification features a heated breathing tube with AirSpiral™ technology to minimise condensation (aka ‘rainout’).

Convenient access from anywhere in the world

The built-in cellular and Bluetooth connectivity ensures both patients and clinicians can receive information when required. This means that if you are travelling anywhere in the world with connectivity and encounter issues with your therapy, you can contact us to access your data remotely to help troubleshoot. The SleepStyle™ App available for download on your Smartphone also allows you to track your own therapy progress and receive basic troubleshooting tips.

More comfortable than ever

SensAwake™ detects wakefulness and automatically reduces the treatment pressure to a comfortable level. This is done before the patient fully rouses, and the reduction of treatment pressure then eases the patient back to sleep without disrupting the treatment or sleep for the night.

So quiet it won’t disturb your partner and your sleep

Your bed partner or yourself may not notice the SleepStyle™ when it’s on because it’s quiet. This means less sleep disruption to both yourself and your partner.

*For a limited time only, while stocks last.